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Tyre Recycling Machinery
Pipe Extrusion Line
Plate (Sheet) Extrusion Series
Profiles (WPC) Extrusion Series
Pelletizing Extrusion Line
Packing Belt Series
Main Auxiliary Equipment
Butt Fusion Machines
Fitting Machines
Band Saw
Steel-plastic Socket Fusion Machine
Manual Socket Fusion Tool


      Zhangjiagang Shilong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of plastic and rubber machinery  . Specifically,  the main products include rubber tyre recycling machinery, plastic pipe/profile production line, such as PE/PVC/PP pipe extruding production line; WPC and PVC profile production line for window & door; wood and plastic composite sheet/profile production line; plastic sheet production line ; Foam sheet production line;; PET/PP strap production line

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